Wow intimidating shout focus macro

If you see a timid tank in your group, politely ask if you can mark for CC.

Who should be using CC Anyone who has a CC should be using it, but please utilize DPS classes CC first, then Tank CC then Healer CC in that order.

That’s where this guide comes in; in it, you’ll find a rundown on the various races, a huge amount of info on the various classes, tips for solo, PVE, and PVP play, a short guide to setting up your own macros, as well as descriptions of all of the professions and secondary skills that you’ll have available to you.

There’s a whole world waiting to be discovered, so hopefully this guide will help you get to the meat of it!

Positional control abilities, however, do not remove control over the unit but may hinder it in some other form (target may still use its abilities to an extent).

All raid bosses are immune to all forms of crowd control.

Into this crowded (some would say saturated) marketplace, Blizzard has finally launched their initial entry into the MMORPG, World of Warcraft.

Ctrl-click on your healer (or someone else in a safe location) before combat (use “/clear focus” to clear your current focus). A seperate charge/intercept macro for each of the stance bars.

Put them in the same slot on their respective bar and then just spam that button/key and it will perform the appropriate logic as it switches around from bar to bar.

Big thanks to Bethany Massimilla and Taros and Xenocryst ofthe Kel'Thuzad server for their contributions to this guide.

During character creation, you’ll need to select both a race and a class.

It is better to have someone doing it rather than to assume the tank will.

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