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Here are six secrets men need to know about women to help them stop that "thing" in their head from destroying their dating life: Women have baggage, too, especially the attractive ones. But I also know it's a tough one for men to swallow.You think insecurity and low confidence are only for those who are fat, bald and ugly? Just because a woman is hot does not mean that her life is perfect. It's simply one thing about a woman that she literally wears on her sleeve. Obviously, in the first five seconds, she judges a man based on his looks.But after that, something interesting happens: A man's face shifts according to how he makes a woman feel.

Being unique will help your friend’s awesome personality stand out!Not only will her relationship status dissolve any hint of competition, she also knows what to look for in a guy.“She can easily identify the type of man that is supportive, kind, loyal—and who will adore you,” Goldstein says.So instead of winding up hurt after pursuing the hot guy who challenged you, she’ll guide you toward someone who’s prime long-term material.RELATED: The 8 Best First-Date Foods Not to be catty, but leave your hottest friend at home when you’re on the prowl.As wonderful as she is, you don’t want to compete with her for attention—nor do you want to spend the evening comparing yourself to her and risk having wobbly self-esteem.

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