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Pau Gasol and long-time girlfriend Sylvia Lopez Castro Gasol has dated girlfriend Sylvia Lopez Castro for several years.The couple met in 2009 when she was working as a cheerleader at Poland's Eurobasket tournament won by Gasol's Spanish team. Pau Gasol and long-time girlfriend Sylvia Lopez Castro Gasol has dated girlfriend Sylvia Lopez Castro for several years.Since graduating from North Texas, her news coverage earned her the moniker “Daring Vanessa.” Other roles she has worked in include spokes-model, communications specialist for State Senators, national TV show personality, sideline reporter, in-arena announcer and radio morning show host.Macias covers sports in San Antonio often, so you can imagine how she might have met a certain San Antonio Spurs power forward!"Only a real friend could pretend that bair fish was a prize catch," Duncan's lifelong best friend Rashidi Clenance said in a post.less Tim Duncan slipped into a white cutoff T-shirt and camo shorts to kickoff his retirement at a San Antonio-area lake in July.Duncan filed for divorce from his wife, Amy, last year around March.The story didn’t become public until May, and we learned in a report that Duncan was worried about his wife cheating on him and even hired a private investigator to tail her. Posts started popping up late last year saying that Duncan was dating Vanessa Macias (seen at top and at right), a former contestant on CBS’ “The Amazing Race.” This gossip item has since been confirmed, and Macias has not exactly been hiding the relationship.

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There, Macias worked with Don Harris, an Emmy Award-winning sports anchor, who influenced her to continue her studies at the University of North Texas.

Tim Duncan retired from the NBA in December of last year and appeared on a podcast, Road Trippin’ with RJ and Channing on Monday (March 27).

On the podcast, he confirmed that he and his long-time girlfriend welcomed their first child, a baby girl. Find out more about the future Hall of Famer’s girlfriend in Vanessa Macia’s wiki.

Tim Duncan has arguably been overshadowed to a certain extent his entire career, so it's only appropriate that his girlfriend is stealing some of the limelight during the San Antonio Spurs' postseason run.

Vanessa Macias' popularity has exploded almost overnight after she was spotted during Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals as the Spurs took on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

She is microchipped, about 70 lbs, skittish," Macias posted on Thursday around 10 p.m.

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