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Those negotiations continue even as Epstein leaves his hometown Red Sox.

She had been rushed there for an emergency cesarean section two months ahead of her scheduled due date after she suffered a partial abruption (when the placenta separates from the uterus)."I see him putting on his scrubs and his shoes," said Hyla, a licensed pediatric nurse who has worked in her share of ICUs.

The move is "effective immediately," according to the statement.

The teams won't hold news conferences until Tuesday, the next off day in the World Series, when the Cubs will presumably introduce Epstein in Chicago.

The worst-kept secret in baseball is finally, officially out in the open.

The Red Sox and Cubs issued a joint statement Friday night announcing Theo Epstein has resigned from his post as Boston's general manager to become the Cubs' president of baseball operations.

There are only so many owners and executives in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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