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In the series she played a secondary female role, however, it proved to be so successful, that she managed to get a TV series of her own out of it.

Now she is known as the prime leader and the main star of her Tv show called “Private Practice”, which could be seen as a sort of ramification of Grey’s Anatomy, where she also plays a successful and ingenious doctor.

“I’m as single as it comes, I’m focusing on work – but I promise you I will let you all know when and if I bag a lucky person,” she told

“You’re on a crazy schedule for the past two years and you know you’re accountable for a lot of things, so its nice to just have the craic on your own for a while.” Speaking about the recent rumours surrounding her relationship with producer Shauna Keogh, she insisted again that the pair are just friends and that the observation was pretty funny.

In addition, while she was swimming and enjoying sun, it became obvious what is so attractive about her to Kate Walsh boyfriend Chris Case.

The actress showed her fit body on the beach and a lot of manly eyes were following her as she strolled down the beach.

It has been known for quite a while already that the current Kate Walsh boyfriend is Chris Case.

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Last week she shared a loved up snap with Shauna who joined her on the walk. It is only a matter of time for the former Rose of Tralee.Maria confessed that she would like to marry TV producer girlfriend Shauna Keogh in the future.The couple were linked together a few months back after making an appearance on the red carpet but they denied any romance saying they were just friends.However, Maria confirmed to that she has been seeing Shauna for ‘several weeks”.Moreover, while being in Miami, Kate Walsh was spotted together with her assistant Derek spending quality time and rumors started that Kate Walsh boyfriend might get jealous seeing how much fun Kate Walsh has with her assistant.

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