Who is dating nat wolf

Former childhood friends, the two occupy separate social spheres until Margo plucks Quentin from smart-boy obscurity to go on a night-long mission of revenge against an ex-boyfriend who cheated and some wayward friends.

When tomorrow dawns, however, Margo has disappeared, and Quentin sets out on a quest to find her -- putting himself in her shoes in order to better understand his dream girl.

2009 - Present Miranda Cosgrove and Nat Wolff were spotted together on dates during the fall of 2009.

During a performance, he even hinted that his song "Greatest Prize" was dedicated to her.

One of the many things the world adores about John Green is how he just kind of tells it like it is in the funniest way possible.

And after watching him grill Cara Delevingne (AKA Margo in his upcoming flick ) with the most bizarre-slash-amazingly-awkward questions, we want to be his new BFF that much more.

He later became known for his lead role in the film Paper Towns (2015), and other films such as Admission, Behaving Badly, and Palo Alto, each of which premiered in 2013.

Wolff also co-starred in the highly successful theatrical film, The Fault in Our Stars (2014) before portraying Ed in the film Ashby in 2015.

The next day the friend who I had dreamed about told me that he had gotten into a car accident!

In reality, they were merely filming a scene for the movie .

Gossip Cop also previously squashed rumors that Benson was pregnant after the actress jokingly posted an Instagram photo of “Pretty Little Liars” co-star Tyler Blackburn kissing her bare belly, along with the caption, “First trimester [check].” Fans were rightfully confused, but Gossip Cop helped clarify that the photo was only a prank.

is an American actor, singer-songwriter, and musician.

Wolff gained recognition for composing the music for The Naked Brothers Band (2007–09), a Nickelodeon television series he starred in with his younger brother Alex that was created by their actress mother Polly Draper.

As his father recalls: "I asked him, Nat first gained notice in the wake of the September 11 attacks when he held his birthday party outside his apartment, which is where he performed his composition titled "Firefighters".

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