Validating steam files stuck at 100 mac


Only other option i see is re-installing my game, but i really want to avoid that as it would take me a day to redownload.If anyone can help out, that would be great I still have this problem too, even after updating Steam. Go to the \team fortress 2\tf folder, backup your maps, screenshots and whatever else and delete the \team fortress 2\ folder (or just backup the folder somewhere else and copy the maps back later), and try to launch TF2. Now I'm stuck at 86% I believe you have improved my situation by 115%Same problem but on XP.The only difference for me is that my validation is stuck on 40%, rather than 100%. Yes, I'm running TF2 on a Mac as well, 2009 Model, OS 10.6.7.The progress bar stops at 40%, sometimes 41% if I'm lucky.

Also, it seems to be monopolizing my CPU while it is stuck at 40%. Manually verifying file integrity gets me stuck on 100%.

Some files are missing, that's for sure, and the verification system is having trouble detecting what it is. Try Updating to Steam beta, it fixed it for some people, but not me. Steam needs to get their ♥♥♥♥ together, why sell games on mac if they break after every update.

I still have this problem too, even after updating Steam.

As of now, Garry's Mod ships with low-res replacement textures/models for essential games like CS: S so you won't be seing an error model for those.

Your addon may have been copied from Garry's Mod 12 to 13. Garry's Mod 13 introduced a massive number of changes, most of which render addons created for Garry's Mod 12 incompatible with 13. You should report these errors to the developer of the addon, along with any information you can provide to help recreate the errors. Do not ask Garry to fix the addon, as he didn't create it.

There are probably tons of people having asked this question already, but i can't seem to find any threads containing what i'm looking for. As every time i try, it starts validating my game files, goes up to 100% validated and then just sits there for ages.

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