Validating a scottish will after death

The law allows a death to be registered in any registration district in Scotland.

You can obtain the address of the local registrar from the undertaker, the hospital, the doctor, the telephone book (see under 'Registration of Births, Death and Marriages') and the Directory of Registrars in Scotland (70 KB PDF). Download Acrobat Reader free The opening hours of registration offices varies between local authorities and some operate an appointments system.

When you're named as the executor of a Will, you're being asked to take responsibility for administering the estate of the person who made the Will, called the testator, after they have died.

This included the establishment of an independent review service run by Healthcare Improvement Scotland.For all UK birth certificates you will find: The time of birth is not usually recorded.The exceptions to this are for twin births, and some Scottish registrations.If the estate is a very small one they may not feel this is necessary however.In cases where the deceased has failed to make a Scottish will (or even where they have made one which is deemed to be invalid) an administrator will take over this role, but they may still require expert help to do what is necessary.To help you, here is a summary of what you need to do when someone dies in Scotland, taken from Lawpack's DIY Probate Kit.

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