Updating plone


So if you run Plone 4.3.3 or later, there is no need to install hotfixes for the Plone 4.x series, and the Plone 5 release has all relevant previous updates as well.

Plone comes with everything you need to get started building your site, whether a simple one with a dozen pages, a multi-departmental one with a demanding information architecture, or an intranet requiring login and multiple permission levels.

console script allows to manage upgrades on the filesystem (creating new upgrades, changing upgrade order) as well as interacting with an installed Plone site and list profiles and upgrades and install upgrades.

Some examples: $ bin/upgrade touch my/package/upgrades/20110101000000_add_catalog_index $ bin/upgrade sites $ bin/upgrade list -s Plone --auth admin:admin --upgrades $ bin/upgrade install -s Plone --auth admin:admin --proposed base class provides various tools and helpers useful when writing upgrade steps.

It provides a control panel for running multiple upgrades at once, based on the upgrade mechanism of Generic Setup (portal_setup).

Further a base class for writing upgrade steps with a variety of helpers for common tasks is provided.

This how-to will give a simple walkthrough example of the procedure involved.If you'd like to explore Plone and try it without having to install it yourself, use of our Plone demo sites.You can also deploy Plone "to the cloud" for free with a Heroku account: Sign up for our low-traffic announcements list to stay up to date with Plone version releases and security hotfix announcements.Security updates are also announced via the website and other channels.To see which Hotfixes should be applied against which Plone version, you can check the security matrix at plone.org/security/hotfixes When a new maintenance release is brought out, the previous Hotfixes are incorporated.Plone runs on most UNIX-based distributions (including Linux, BSD, Solaris, and other proprietary UNIX systems), on Windows and Mac OS.

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