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The GUI front-end for Clam AV virus scanner, Clam Tk 5.00 has been released today with right-click file manager support.

See the below screen shot from Debian 8.2, I’m using latest version of Clam TK 5.20 with file manager.Clam TK team proudly announce the twenth update of Clam TK 5.21 on September 6, 2015.Clam Tk has been ported to Fedora, Debian, Red Hat, open SUSE, ALT Linux, Ubuntu, Cent OS, Gentoo, Archlinux, Mandriva, PCLinux OS, Free BSD, and others.I've decided to use Clam Tk on my Ubuntu, the problem is that it just simply wont update the antivirus engine and the GUI version from the software itself.What is the command that I could use in the terminal for the upgrade?I am using Clantk Anti-virus scanner engine 0.96.5 and GUI version 4.30 Clamav using 9tk2-perl The update says the GUI needs to be updated.

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