Typical dating profile

They found the most common female profile, set up for romance scamming purposes, is a brunette in her twenties (29 was the most common age) with blue eyes.Selfies of women with low-cut vest tops were most commonly used, with female fraudsters describing themselves as a student, with no strong political leanings.If you're using Internet Explorer, and have specified an abnormally high level of paranoia for your browser, you may be able to remedy the situation by going to your Privacy settings under Internet Options, and selecting a privacy level of "Medium" for all sites, or just for this one.This problem may also occasionally be caused by a glitch in Microsoft Internet Explorer.body shape, age, lifestyle), with the outcome of a date with that individual (e.g. The aim of this research was to throw some robust statistical analysis at our data, and see if we could confirm/debunk the myths, as well as looking for less obvious predictors of first date outcomes.For example, does body shape predict first date outcome? The answer to both questions is yes: As we will see, first date outcomes are significantly predicted by all sorts of characteristics which users freely divulge on a typical dating site profile. We surveyed 10,000 Free uk members with a single multiple choice question: How far you would go on a first date?

So choose wisely and highlight the things about yourself that stand out.

They were presented with a series of answers ranging from no physical contact to would go all the way.

We combined their answer with anonymised data from their dating profile, and passed this to our statistician.

Forty-eight was the most common age found across the profiles.

Whether you’re new to the online dating game or a Tinder veteran, creating a dating profile can be tricky. Luckily, researchers Sameer Chaudhry and Khalid Khan decided to explore what exactly leads to attraction online.

Scroll down for video Experts at Scamalytics, who provide anti-scammer software to dating sites, sift through millions of fake profiles every year.

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