Transexual dating classifieds montreal

Are you transgendered and/or a single professional? Transgender dating is an option most heterosexual men have never considered...until of course such a guy meets a beautiful transsexual woman and finds himself intrigued.At that point, the guy might actually consider dating someone who is transgendered.

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It could be your prototypical 21st-century love story. Rebecca, a 34-year-old administrative assistant, immediately knew that Alex (not their real names) was different from other guys she’d dated.

But there is one small catch; the boy was born a girl.

And after realizing that they can’t live without each other, boy and girl get engaged.

I adapt my therapy techniques to best match your personality and preferences.

My focus is to help you uncover the blocks and stuck patterns that prevent you from feeling grounded and living a satisfying life.

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