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I can also be very sarcastic and a smart ass, so use your sense of humor and don't get offended, because I don't mean to be rude (unless, of course, I do, LOL).

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It is very important to me to share all that with you, because this is what it takes for me to really enjoy my time online spending time with my friends and finding new ones while I am killing you all (and you frequently are killing me) in the nicest possible way.Marianne read several books a week, reading them to sleep and waking to them before work.She read whatever was in front of her, whatever she found, whatever, whatever, and loved it. A prescribed diet of someone else’s food, just enough to pry me from my old habits, and get me on the road to a healthier diet.At some point during my college years I promised myself to never, ever waste my precious time reading junk. Do you know how difficult it was to make a steady diet of this writing?Salmon Rushdie hasn’t written that many things, nor has Gita Meeta, nor Tagore.This can be through dancing, teasing, stripping or just through a meaningful look into the lens of the webcam, in lieu of your eyes, biting my lower lip, or whispering sweet nothings into your ears.

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