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During my many single years, I read a lot of books.

While reading books didn’t lead directly to more dates, I think it did indirectly. Sitting alone in your pajamas reading romance novels will not help.

Stop the cycle of date, breakup, date, breakup, date, breakup, ad infinitum.

Whether you desire to be married or remain single, whether you are still single or single again, learn to thrive. If you find yourself single again in midlife you will find lots of useful content here – because that was my experience.

But, if that is not your story, you will still find helpful insights that you can apply to your life as a single.

Basically, if you want to be successfully single and thrive in your singleness, you will find something here for you.

I shudder to think what single life would have been like if I had not learned the things I read in some of these books. Some of the book recommendations there and in blog posts will include affiliate links.

Purchasing through those links will not cost you any extra, but it will go a long way toward giving me the opportunity to put more time and effort into helping singles thrive.

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Yes, good looks, sexual attraction, common interests, enjoying the same activities, traveling, maybe a handful of adventures to spike the adrenaline, great conversation, good communication all play a role.If you’re like me, you might begin to internalize the negative expectations that some doctors, teachers, parents, and others project onto you.I’m not going to lie - undoing that internalized ableism and recognizing your own ability to find love is difficult; but for me, that confidence was necessary.He is everything you ever wanted in a partner; she is beautiful, hour-glass shaped, kind, loving, generous, loves to travel, has a job she loves, wants kids; he is handsome, smart, funny, kind, loving and generous too; he even has a great paying job.It begins with self-care, which may look like a morning ritual—consuming warm lemon water for cleansing, oil pulling, a health breakfast, meditation, prayers of gratitude, yoga or a favorite exercise, maybe even reading from a sacred text.Truth tends to have broad application across many different life situations. You will find insights there that just might change your whole perspective on singleness.

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