Starbucks employees dating customers


Bring another jumper if you’re too cold, or go elsewhere. Truthfully, working at Starbucks is "a lot like being in the Hunger Games", says Justin Lindsey.The Starbucks barista who wrote this screed apparently thinks he/she is telling patrons something new here; sorry, but as an observant longtime customer, I hardly find this breaking news: "In most cases, we absolutely loathe you, but we are outwardly friendly - because we are paid to do so. We ask how you’re doing because it's a way of making conversation, and we are pressured to make conversation in this line of work." From the customer's side of the counter, I'll say this: It shows...believe me, it shows. You are not getting special treatment, and we really don’t give a shit about your last vacation or your new baby or your real estate problems. Enough with repeating the George Carlin Starbucks order joke! I’ve noticed that the complexity of your drink order is quite often inversely proportionate to the size of your tip. Do not order a “skim nonfat latte” – it’s redundant. • Come in wearing a floor-length fur coat and, when asked if you need a bag for your purchase, say no because you want to “save some trees.” Please save me the forehead bruise. It doesn’t make much sense to me either, but I didn’t come up with the nomenclature for this shit. How about this: remove your spare change from your bag or pockets daily. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but you really should learn it: if you can’t afford something, don’t f cking buy it. If I had a penny for everyone who treated me like a complete idiot because I work in the service industry, I’d be a retired billionaire by now. Recently, Reddit user Circle Addict — a Starbuck's employee — posted a letter they received from Debbie, a woman who'd gone through their drive-thru the day before.Yesterday at your drive thru we had a less than cheerful encounter.The queues are sometimes incredibly enormous and it is sometimes boring to do every day the same things and ask the same questions Conseils à la direction Je n'ai aucun conseil à donner.

We've compiled a list of the most shocking ways some Starbucks employees have been let go. The customer might be offensive, annoying or even mistaken.How, though, should a sales associate -- or their employers -- react?[NOTE: IT APPEARS CRAIGSLIST HAS REMOVED THE RANT; I'VE POSTED IT BELOW.] (Chicago Craigslist) ----- From Your Starbucks Barista Reply to: [email protected]: 2007-03-18, PM CDT To all of you silly, sad caffeine addicts who line up like lemmings for your overpriced lattes every morning: there are some things you should know. We ask how you’re doing because it’s a way of making conversation, and we are pressured to make conversation in this line of work. We may be the only humans you have interacted with for days, but do not expect us to be interested in your stupid home business or your racist, sexist, totally unfunny commentary. The rudest and most difficult customers NEVER tip - usually the stay-at-home-moms wearing fifty grand worth of diamonds, yammering into their trendy pink KRAZRs and paying absolutely no attention to their horrible offspring (who are wreaking havoc in every way possible.) Bitches. Similarly, don’t say that you want a “grande skim latte” and then correct me when I call out “grande nonfat latte.” You bitch. We are trained to call out drink orders in a particular way. • Hold your two-year-old up to the pastry case and ask him to choose something. If you are yapping away on your cell phone when you get up to the counter, TELL THE PERSON ON THE OTHER END TO HOLD ON. If you order a Frappuccino, I will hate you even more. Order by the names on the menu, because I’ve had people ask for a "medium coffee" and get inexplicably pissed off when I give them a grande. If you eat at Mc Donald’s, you put a “Mc” in front of just about everything – get the f ck over yourself and get used to it. Keep your f cking 00, four-foot-wide Bugaboo stroller out. I probably scored higher than you did on standardized tests, am better-read, better-educated, a better writer, more articulate, more interesting, more observant, and better-traveled. In most cases, we absolutely loathe you, but we are outwardly friendly -- because we are paid to do so. You are probably the four hundredth person to say it to me, expecting me to laugh, and I guarantee that you’re going to be disappointed. So: we have great health coverage but can barely buy groceries. If you don’t want to tip, don’t - but quit bitching about it. Because some people do, the drink usually comes with it, and we are here to serve your demanding ass. No, it’s not the smallest size – that would be the “short.” Somewhere along the line, it got dropped from the menu, but can still be ordered. Especially if you say something like, "I have twenty-four cents, if it helps…" – you are not helping anyone. Don’t giggle and tell me how heavy it's making your bag and that you need to get rid of it. You probably eat at buffets all the time and surreptitiously stuff your shoulder bag full of food, too. Just because I work at Starbucks doesn’t mean I’m stupid.Avantages Réelle relation clients, parler anglais toute la journée, une entente et une ambiance de travail parfaite.

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