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My students practice in asking and answering questions.

During a recent summer school final, my students, working in pairs, asked ten questions and gave ten answers based on a randomly selected common topic in a three minute period; they had no time to prepare to talk. To develop that skill, I have my students do activities like Spanish Question Words Speed-Asking Partner Speaking ( in which they practice seeing how many questions they can ask about a topic and Spanish Questions Modified Speed Dating Whole Class Speaking ( in which they ask a question from a card and their partner answers the question, then the partner asks a questions.

There are sets of randomly selected questions in the document attached.

This is an exercise I use after all the prep work has been done and the students now have to go around the class, like on a speed dating circuit, being asked random questions to really challenge the level of understanding.

Harvey pours from six different bottles, the liquids in each glass producing a surprising range of colour.

All but the last, a moscatel, are dry, belying its reputation for sugary sweetness.

This is a lesson I train pupils in from as early as possible (possibly not absolute beginners) and within a few run-throughs it can run itself.

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