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Generally speaking, out of all the misfortune in this world, I would take being short over being obnoxious, ignorant or stupid.

Like when people tell a short person that they’re “in proportion” in order to soften the blow.

The fact of the matter is most people spend very little time researching and getting to know the other person before they start datingthey just jump into the relationship. They have fears of unwanted pregnancy, date rape, drug use, physical abuse, or simply having their children get a needless and unnecessary broken heart.

Carolyn commented she first had to try and figure out why her parents didn’t like her boyfriend.

You just pretend that you’ve never been told that it’s okay to be short because it doesn’t matter when you’re horizontal, or that you could give a guy a blow job standing up with the weird, sick dwarf fantasy that person clearly has.

You just remember that the bigger they are, the harder they fall, into hell. He commented about my sloth picture (as most matches did) and asked about my time overseas.

” as I clearly had a lot to say about flooding in the Manawatu.

The Washington Post reports that Melton posted a photo of the two on Sunday night on her Momastery blog.She added that their children, like Wambach, are also fine with the relationship, and have lots of support, calling them a "beautiful, modern family." "They're lucky kids, to be surrounded by so much love. Melton ended the message saying that her supporters could think and feel whatever they needed to, but that "we are entering a new time which calls for a different type of leadership.We have family dinners together -- all six of us -- and Abby cooks. And now it is my job as a leader not to concern myself too deeply about what you think and feel about me -- about the way I live my life." "You only live once," said Melton, "and life needs to be more about your own joy, freedom and integrity than worrying what others think of you." "The most revolutionary thing a woman can do is not explain herself," said Melton in the end, adding that while they would "share our joy sometimes," the couple would mostly keep their relationship private.Now that we’ve clarified how short I am, let’s get on to the very real date I went on. He then said something about getting back from the Manawatu and the flooding that had happened there over the weekend.As I was driving back from Tauranga, I said “Wow, likewise!Bindi Irwin is setting the record straight on her mom Terri’s love life!

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