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It’s the same reason Mötley Crüe doesn’t warrant space on this list. Every single album on this list is a remarkable document, and warrants repeated listens over the course of a lifetime. Spence was a founding member of both Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape, who spent months howling at the walls in Bellevue after epic runs of windowpane LSD.Sure, they snorted live ants (actually, that was Ozzy) and mainlined Jack Daniel’s to stave off epic boredom, but their music would have been exactly the same steaming pile of hair regardless. Just after his release he was cynically recorded, releasing , which is a mix of shambling nonsense and haunting ballads, soul-baring and childish in turns. This album has been passed around for years among giggling heads, serious collectors, and those in recovery looking for inspiration or something to truly fear.RAMPANT MADNESS, cheap powder, and the whiskey river: below are the 50 most debauched, sodden, and certifiable records in music history.The rules are simple: being merely eccentric while swathed in outlandish clothing fails to qualify.We ended up going down this road with the guys we did over 100 live shows with over the past three years. Even with the mixing, for the first time in 25 years we stepped outside the Greg Reely domain and brought Ken Marshall in, who does all the Skinny Puppy stuff. If I had to sort of stop music tomorrow, I would say that this would have been the record I would be more than happy to stop with on Front Line Assembly. I didn’t know it was going to take 25 years to get there! It finally came to a head on this because Jeremy, who is in our band, also toured with another band who opened for Revco last year and he got to become good friends with Al. ”“I really believe in the saying ‘never say never.’ Nothing is really ever over until you want it to really be over.It ended up being quite a personal record because we toured a lot, going to places like Russia, and during the last tour went to Vienna where I met my dad. [laughs]”“We’d done festivals with them [Ministry], and Michel Balch, who used to be in our band, co-wrote that song ‘Jesus Build My Hotrod’ with Al. I guess it was just like the perfect storm and the story that wrote itself.“Jim Nash’s partner passed away this year, meaning the real defining end of Wax Trax! I find that music itself is such an ambiguous target.

Also be ready for this question from your supervisors and community members: why are you doing this?

If I had to sort of put a finger on it I’d say this is probably a perfect assimilation of everything and anything Front Line Assembly has ever stood for, from day one to now.

The sound has evolved, and I think we’ve taken all the best elements and still focused on songwriting. We worked on it for 6 months, then put it away for a while, and I was going to get Rhys involved but he got busy. it was this whole-encompassing thing that took on a life of its own. So there has always been six degrees of separation.

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In the following phone interview, founder Bill Leeb talks about the lengthy process of making the album, his thoughts on the current state of the music industry, songs he hates to play, and more.“You know, it’s so bizarre.

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