Singers dating athletes


While Canadian hockey fans are focused on the action on the ice, we take a look at the top 10 female stars who fell hard for guys on skates:1.

Janet Jones The American actress, whose credits include 2.

My first vocal teacher gets full credit for showing me how training these muscles effectively can be equated to being an athlete (Thanks Shannon). What the general population should be doing to maintain reasonable health and wellness.

For those who don't have time to read the whole story, we put together some of the comments that show how athletes are finding women online these days.TORONTO — Despite their busy travel schedules and tendency to be missing teeth, professional hockey players don’t seem to have any trouble scoring themselves famous girlfriends and wives.Some of these off-ice relationships are enduring (See Wayne Gretzky and actress Janet Jones, who will celebrate their 25th anniversary this summer) and others are decidedly short-term (See Alanis Morissette and ex-Senators player Mike Peluso or tennis pro Anna Kournikova and both Pavel Bure and Sergei Fedorov).During singing you use the buttocks, the hips, lower abdominals, upper abdominals, the diaphragm, the lungs, the rib cage, the neck, the vocal folds, the jaw, the tongue, facial muscles (mask area) and the lips.The diaphragm firms out; the buttocks and hips remain loose and free; the lungs and rib cage fill with air and move out side ways; the neck stays loose; the jaw drops open; the tongue and lips articulate sound and the mask area anchors the sound forward by moving up into a sneer like position.The point was why do female athletes not look as masculine these days. When any athlete dedicates their lives to a particular sports, their body type can be determine how fast, strong, or flexible they play their sport.

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