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After that and leading up to the 13th century, people with no Bedouin heritage began to refer to themselves as Arabs.Today, there are still many “Black Arab” ethnic groups, such as the Tuaregs and Nubians of North Africa to the Mahra of Southern Arabia, who are still in existence, and whose presence in the the “Middle East” predates the coming of the paler-skinned Asiatics.

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Contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate-General of the United Arab Emirates for the most up-to-date information.

Australians are eligible for a free 30 day visitor visa-on-arrival.

Winds of between 75 and 80km per hour ripped across the UAE, causing a crane to topple over onto the main highway running through Dubai on Friday.

One person was injured and three cars were destroyed in a fire sparked by the collapse of the crane, local officials said.

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