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A&W was founded in California back in 1919, and their root beer remains a huge hit there to this day.These carbonated fruit drinks exploded onto the market back in 2002, and even though they were bought by Pepsi Co in 2006, they remain a Colorado invention.There's always one class clown however, and Echo knows just how to provide some laughs.Kathy Griffin apologized for the photo she posted of herself holding up what looked like the decapitated head President Donald Trump.

Women told me stories of being hit on at work by “FDBs” (finance douche bags) who hadn’t even bothered to take off their wedding rings, or sitting through Monday-morning meetings that started with stories about who had banged whom (or what) that weekend.

So here are the iconic soft drinks of every state in America (and you can click here for a blown-up version of the above image).

Disagreements/comments/$.05 deposits (except in Michigan) can be made in the section below: Grapico was founded in Louisiana in 1914, but moved to Alabama in 1917 -- and there it has stayed, both physically and in the hearts of Alabamians.

Trump responded, saying the comedian should be ashamed of herself.

Nothing gets me hotter than listening to policy wonks talk about urban density. What are we talking about when we talk about making Detroit a more vibrant city? Or, in other words, creating the right conditions for people to hook-up.

The Beach Nude Cam Sex Offender Registry was poor and now, their models know purpose and because.

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