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The Power and Control Wheel, from the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project shows patterns of abusive and violent behaviors and how they overlap.Below are more resources and tools to help you think about whether you have a healthy or an abusive relationship: PCADV's network of programs provides a comprehensive array of life-saving services for domestic violence victims and their children in all 67 counties of the Commonwealth.Well before the Declaration of Independence, in 1743 Benjamin Franklin (1706-90) and his friend the Quaker botanist John Bartram (1699-1777) established the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia as a declaration of scientific independence from Great Britain’s scientific domination.

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If you are an educator, parent, or mentor of a student who you think would be interested in the trip, please share this opportunity!

Until the mid-1980s, celebrated local institutions such as First Pennsylvania, Girard, and Provident ⇒ Read More Located on the west bank of the Schuylkill River, Bartram’s Garden, considered the oldest surviving botanic garden in North America, has served as a monument to the storied history of Philadelphia’s botanical endeavors and to the genius of John Bartram (1699–1777) and his descendants.

Established as a family farm and garden by John Bartram in ⇒ Read More Planners of Philadelphia’s Bicentennial celebration in 1976, aware of the incredible success of the 1876 Centennial as well as the flop of the 1926 Sesquicentennial, hoped to showcase the growth and ambitions of the city while also commemorating the two-hundredth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

Highlights of Purchasing books directly from the Schuylkill River Heritage Area ensures that a greater portion of the profits support our mission of using conservation, education, recreation, tourism, and cultural and historic preservation as tools for community revitalization and economic development.

The guide can be ordered online , by calling Cindy Kott at 484-945-0200, or at any of the book signings scheduled soon after the book is made available.

Keep checking ours, or Fairmount Water Works’ website, updates to the 2017 program and to download the application when it becomes available.

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