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Listening with a hearing loss while simultaneously listening to recorded speech would present This information is provided as a list of accommodations and classroom modifications for the IEP or 504 Plan team to consider as they discuss what is needed to provide maximal access to the general curriculum and meet the learning needs of the student with hearing loss. Students will vary in terms which of these items are necessary and appropriate to support school progress commensurate with the student’s abilities.Educational settings vary in the extent to which they provide accommodations and modifications to students with hearing loss.Inclusive education is not a passing “fad” or the latest educational philosophy.It is a legally-supported, evidence-based way of delivering education that recognises the individual characteristics of all students, offers pedagogic alternatives that cater for the diverse educational needs of each child and respects the fundamental human rights of every child to be a part of their communities.With this Guide – written for parents with All Means All – The Alliance for Inclusive Education and leading inclusive education experts – you can be better prepared to support your child’s inclusive education journey – Use it!Let’s start with what we all know – ALL children are learners and ALL children are unique.These include the 2004 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), and state and local codes.

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Local public school systems have accommodated students with disabilities under the auspices of four major laws.Section 504 regulations also include athletics in their definitions (34 CFR 104.3(a)(2)).Participation in athletics is not a required component of a student’s free and appropriate education (FAPE).Should the help with learning the material/curriculum be the top priority above teaching kids things like responsibility and organization skills?Parents can now get formal 504 plans written for kids with these issues to require teachers to fulfill some of these special needs.It is important for the IEP or 504 planning team to include a professional with expertise in the educational needs of students with hearing loss so that the unique access and learning needs of the student with hearing loss are understood and can be appropriately accommodated.

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