Resource out of date try updating


If this happens, it's possible that you have already committed the very changes you are trying now to commit.You can use 'svn log -r HEAD' to see if your supposed-failed commit actually succeeded.You may have had a commit that went sour between the time the new revision was added in the server and the time your client performed its post-commit admin tasks (including refreshing your local text-base copy).This might happen for various reasons including (rarely) problems in the database back end or (more commonly) network dropouts at exactly the wrong time.Summary: "Working copy is out of date" when trying to commit Applies to: Subversion, all versions Three kinds of situation that can cause this: 1.Debris from a failed commit is littering your working copy.If it did, run 'svn revert' to revert your local changes, then run 'svn update' to get your own changes back from the server.(Note that only 'svn update' brings your local copies up-to-date; revert doesn't do that.) 2. When Subversion commits, the client only bumps the revision numbers of the nodes the commit touches, not all nodes in the working copy.

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This makes sence but from time to time you need the pure revision information as provided by subversion - I allready created an issue for this but it seems not to have enough priority.I have just started using subversion and everything was going fine.Then I started getting this error when I go to commit.Error: Commit failed (details follow): Error: File or directory '.' is out of date; try updating Error: resource out of date; try updating I'm the only one on the project, so no one else could have updated anything.If I update (I have the complete directory with my changes backed up to another directory just to be safe) then right away do a commit I still get the same error I tried to clean - still get the error when I commit. Is there a solution to the problem that is not dangerous for the integrity of the subversion repository? SVNs basic idea to avoid this to allow any kind of structural change only if the directories has the "latest" revision, so it is not "out of date". If you want more information on this please just google "svn tree conflict" or read the corrosponding part of the svn manual here: short forms: Subversion will never destroy any user modification.

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