Problems with dating a flight attendant

This can happen for a number of reasons, including airplane delays.

If you factor in the time it takes to commute back and forth to the base cities we fly out of, those numbers get even higher, even though they’re not considered part of our work day as per FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations. We’re on our feet almost the entire time, and pushing a fully loaded beverage cart is no joke. Add to that the heavy lifting that we do to help passengers with their bags, and you’ve got one buff crew.

If you’ve ever wanted to date a flight attendant, know that we take dating to new heights (literally).

You once stood at the boarding door, greeting passengers with this genuine smile, communicating a presence and energy that permeated the aircraft, undeniably stating, “I love my job. This flight attendant life is the best life ever.” Then you landed a job with […] I can hear three different Holiday songs, seemingly competing for loudness. There are people and presents and insanely large suitcases that keep bumping into me.

Some of us certainly think so, but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

At many of the carriers, an average workday is between 10 and 12 hours, though it’s not uncommon for flight attendants to have 16-hour work days (which is the legal maximum).

Read below and find out 11 key facts about what makes us tick and how to win our hearts, mind and soul.

We do small talk for a living; we don’t want it when we get home. We smile when that passenger sitting in 5H just snapped his fingers at us.

Every single major airline— even the one with so much […] I wish I knew when I would see you again. I think so, but I can’t tell with flight attendant life.

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