Pics of dick sent thruogh chatmates


Guys, ever caught a small glimpse of your friend’s cleavage while she bent low to pick something up? Or perhaps, felt his raging hard on by accident when you brushed your arm against his pants?

They have dubbed the hack “the Snappening” in reference to the leak of hundreds of pictures of nude celebrities that was referred to as “The Fappening”.Staxus says: Studies have long since demonstrated that play is the best means of learning.Indeed we’ve a sneaking suspicion that this horny trio (comprising of Staxus stalwart, Jaye Elektra, and his two newbie buddies, Andrew Dunhill and Noel Diamonds) will be a doyen of sexual professionalism in no time at all.The images were allegedly hosted on, a fake competition website, which has since been shut down.There have been warnings that as many as 200,000 images were posted and, according to hackers. Because of you Whaleoil is going from strength to strength.Ever wish you could see what the whole thing really looked like? If you have a friend who’s dating a gorgeous looker, you’d be tempted to fantasize about your friend’s sexy date naked too.

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