Online dating puns


See also: People who respond to “want to see a picture of my child” with “cute, want to see a picture of my dog?

I had a lot to consider: 1) Mewment If we substituted “mewment” for every “moment” out there, the world would be a much squeakier place. Someone with cat-titude might try to act unimpressed with your attempts to pamper them.

Day is one of my favorite days of the year, but not just for the obvious reasons.

Sure, it’s a day when the global fan community can come together and celebrate the greatest entertainment franchise in human history.

So how has online dating really changed over the years and how does the world of online dating look like in 2017?

Today’s society is no longer shy about using the help of a website to find true love.

There’s no hiding away anymore and on the contrary even, it’s common practice that friends will share chat print screens of their dating shenanigans with their friends.

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