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The pressure Thomas Nelson Brands II faces by being in charge of Iowa wrestling is incredible. Not good enough for him.“Winning is everything,” Brands says. And then there’s the most prized recruit of the Brands era: Spencer Lee arrives in about a week. How they met and their eventual first date is a story.

His Hawkeyes have stretched together 10 straight top-five national finishes. To get a better feel for the man in charge of it all, I asked if I could spend a day with Brands to see what makes him tick. I knew a lot about him already: legendary stories of competitive drive; three-time NCAA champion at Iowa; 1996 Olympic gold medalist; successful and quotable coach. Two classes younger, Jeni was a mat aide at Iowa and developed a crush on Tom. But he took it as kind of a brush-off.”Eventually, fate gave them another chance.

He’s the imperfect but devoted Christian who literally wears out his Bible with daily, scrupulous notes.

He's the outspoken brother who is as quick to butt heads with his twin as he is to bury the hatchet afterward.

“What's not is when someone is simply advertising and soliciting commercial sexual activity.” Hermick could not point to any specific arrests or convictions related to sugar daddy-type sites.

“In a world of limited resources,” said Burkoff, “we're certainly more interested in forcible or non-consensual sexual arrangements than not forced and consensual ones.” Natasha Lindstrom is a Trib Total Media staff writer.

He’s the trusted friend and co-worker who busts your gut without even trying to be funny.

Leonard Benson promises to return roasting crowd pleaser favorites of potatoes and corn. Henrietta chicken and friends are busy laying eggs as many will be need for the baking of wedding cookies.

The increasingly popular “sugar daddy” websites are on their radar, Hermick said.

Sites such as these encourage younger users to arrange dates with older, wealthy users in exchange for money or gifts.

Location: Murrysville Senior Citizen Center, 3091 Carson Street, Murrysville, PA 15668 Local Roots partners with Murrysville Community Library in hosting a Tea with a presentation of 18th Century Woman.

MHPS members participating included Sharon Parker, Suellen Watt, Linda Benson, Anna Pinto and Carol Intrieri.

Such sites dismiss claims likening their services to prostitution.

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