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Nathan has been manipulating Bethany for months, building up her trust so that he can eventually pimp her out to his friends.

Rutledge Ecenia has achieved the highest form of professional recognition as a firm, which is an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell, for each of the firm’s shareholders.

Our attorneys have received significant honors and have reported decisions at every level of the state court system, including the Florida Supreme Court.

Despite the girl apparently saying it was consentual and the fact that alcohol might have been involved, that's still ****ed up in this day and age.

In 1992, five attorneys set out to create a Tallahassee-based firm committed to providing legal and governmental consulting services of the highest quality to clients with needs in state and local government and in the courts.

When some men then come to the flat while Bethany is alone, they take camera equipment and she is frantic when Nathan rants about what has happened, explaining that the equipment belonged to Neil.

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