Men given up dating


Dear Jaded Straight Men, I know many women have failed you.I know your heart has endured a lot of stomping, your pride has been shattered, your trust has been compromised and your spirit has been abused.Being single can steer you in the direction of love, even when you’re not looking for it. If you just give up at the first sign of struggle, you’re not going to find love.[Read: 15 reasons why being single can be fun, too! You have to work hard every day in order to really have a successful relationship.The acerbic tone of all your post is beyond belief.

You could just be too picky and may need to be more open-minded about different types of people. [Read: When does age difference in relationships matter? You might think that you know what you want, but if you keep going for the same type of people and end up heartbroken or unsatisfied with each one, you could be dating the wrong type. You might be a huge pain in the butt, but you’re not unlovable, even if you try to be. I know it’s easy to think this if you’re not finding love, but it’s just not true.But, you're not alone — in fact, many women have been in your shoes.It's so easy to get frustrated, to call all women whores then chug a beer and stumble out the door for a night of debauchery. Nope, that's not going to prove anything except that you're too drunk and too obnoxious to be in public.I have learned, from you women here in the forums, there is no difference between the “Low Hanging Fruit” and the hard to reach.Most here bring nothing to the table outside of a sharp tongue and a boatload of bitterness, and a sense of entitlement.The main reasons are not feeling that there is someone out there for them (46 per cent), not meeting new people in existing social circles (45 per cent) or not feeling attractive enough (41 per cent), it found.

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