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Sign up below to receive your free 3 part video series where James Marshall explains the mindsets and mental strategies to be relaxed, smooth and in flow with women.He also explodes the myths around dating and delivers some hard hitting truths that may shock you about your current dating issues.“Everyone assumes I practise all of my own laws but I don’t.I think anybody who did would be a horrible ugly person to be around,” laughs Greene, who has just written a new book called Mastery, a sort of self-help book on how to fulfil your own intrinsic potential.

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Instead of forcing you to put on an act to try and attract women, we give you the steps to take what’s naturally attractive about you and use it to your advantage.

Greene nods: “There are so many distractions now – I’m really concerned that people in the future won’t know how to build a bridge or create a political movement.

There’s a sense of entitlement, an attitude of ‘If my phone isn’t fast enough, screw Apple’.” For every master, I say, there must be thousands more who aim high and fail.

to achieving true, long-lasting Personal Transformation. It will show you HOW to reach DEEP inside your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND and CHANGE YOURSELF at a level you never knew existed. What’s up, this is Julien, If you know me personally - you know I’m all about standards. Go beyond endlessly “seeking” for your true self, go beyond that, and break out of the trap of endlessly collecting more information, more knowledge, and more “stuff” as a temporary escape of pain assuming that it will eventually you to the place you want to be (it won’t! This is where the lessons will truly begin to REALLY SINK IN.

That’s why I’ve spent the last 2 years METICULOUSLY PERFECTING a new way of teaching self-development, transformation, and empowerment. See, there are THOUSANDS of self-proclaimed gurus and books that teach “self-actualization”, but the truth is: None of them explain the PRACTICAL STEPS of HOW to get there. Commit fully to this new paradigm, OBLITERATE the resistance, and drop the lifetime of social conditioning that you have been exposed to.

Although inspiring overall, some aspects are discouraging.

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