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Girls Love Mail is a charity that collects hand-written letters of encouragement, bundles them, and sends them, via the caring staff at cancer centers and programs, to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

“If you take a different perspective and look at what people grow up with you might come to a different conclusion.Knowing What to Say Styling Love E-Mails E-Mailing Basics Sample Emails Community Q&A Love letters are well and good, but life moves pretty fast for paper.Most of us aren't sitting around in candlelight, writing out iambic pentameter in calligraphy with a quill pen.Pair this set with the Mailbox Die-namics for the sweetest little greetings.You’ll get a lot of use out of this versatile stamp set![Young people] grew up on email and text messaging, so maybe it’s part of their natural vocabulary.” And while email is undoubtedly different from talking face to face, it’s still a communication tool created by humans, for humans.

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