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There are three radio broadcasters in Singapore, namely Mediacorp Radio, SPH Radio and SAFRA Radio. Most Singaporeans are able to receive FM broadcasts from Malaysia and Indonesia if the signal is strong enough. Listeners who do not have a FM tuner can listen to web streams of all FM stations by either visiting the stations' websites on a desktop or downloading the stations' respective apps on a mobile device.

There might be a delay of up to 90 seconds compared to the live FM transmission.

Daniel (our guide) was enthusiastic and unfailing in his efforts to look after us and show us the unique cuisine of Korea.

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An upgrade to the newer RCS Zetta was rolled out across all 13 Mediacorp stations from August to November 2014. 93.3FM, Love 97.2FM, Lush 99.5FM, Symphony 92.4FM, and 938LIVE and broadcasts six digital-only stations, namely Cruise, Club Play, JK-Pop, Chinese Evergreens, Planet Bollywood and Bloomberg.

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Mediacorp used to operate Digital Radio, a radio service using digital audio broadcasting technology which simulcast eight FM stations, namely Class 95FM, Gold 905FM, 987FM, Y. The service was discontinued on 1 December 2011 as the low adoption of DAB radio (compared to FM radio) and the prevalence of listening to Internet radio streams on PCs/smart-phones has rendered DAB radio irrelevant.

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