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For some people, most people, it's the most important thing they can get without being born rich or smart or stealing" [Don De Lillo Underworld]"Is sex dirty?

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Neither had Tom Hanks when he climbed on the drawing board to get microchipped. Zemeckis, he turned out two of the best movies he ever made— Forrest Gump and Cast Away—so he took a chance. The result is everything I hate about movies today—composed entirely of digital images, animatronics, laser printers and computer hard drives, eliminating the need for actors, writers, sets, costumes, cameras, lights and anything else that gives a motion picture both its motion and its picture, not to mention its lasting sense of humanity. He does five voices, and they all sound like they’re coming from the inside of a Hershey syrup can.

More useful than SMS, slicker than Hangouts and easier to use than Skype, it's no wonder Whats App is the number one communications service of choice for hundreds of millions of smartphone users.

Even if you use it on a daily basis, Whats App is packed with lots of handy, little-known features you might not be familiar with. Both a blessing and a curse, Whats App’s ticks-based system shows when your sent messages have been delivered (one grey tick), received (two grey ticks) and read (two blue ticks).

A lot of techno-babble is going down about follow-the-dot camera movements and how the actors’ bodies are translated into cyberspace motion.

But what they don’t tell you is that none of it adds up to much of a movie.

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