Emma watson and george craig still dating same last name dating


LOS ANGELES - “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson has confirmed that she is dating model-musician George Craig. The couple was recently spotted at the Glastonbury music festival as well.The 20-year-old revealed that she and Craig became close while shooting a Burberry ad campaign earlier this year, reports And when I was in the States (US), George was taking me through a lot of his music as he was recording it. The next single off the album was "It's About Time", which peaked in the UK Singles Chart at number 37 and remained in the chart for one week.July 2008 saw the re-release of "You and Me" which failed to reach the top 40.One image shows a student holding a camcorder while his topless friends clutch cans and a Sherlock Holmes-style pipe.In another, Knight and a friend appear to be covered in mud as they pose with arms around each other's shoulders.

Last month, Emma Watson completed her first academic year at Brown University—and split from her first college boyfriend, Spanish musician Rafael Cebrian.He posted a picture of the Radcliffe Camera, taken from the tower of St Mary's Church at Oxford University, with the caption: 'Getting my crash course: Oxford overview with the help of a view from above.' Dreaming spires: Watson took Knight on a trip of Oxford, where she had studied before attending Brown University.Knight wrote 'getting my crash course Oxford overview' about the view - which shows the Radcliffe Camera from the spire of St Mary's Church The traditional English country pub boasts a 'gin pantry' with more than 100 varieties, along with cask ales and British favorites like battered haddock, pork and leek sausages and bread and butter pudding on the menu.He was recently recording his album in the US, and Emma Watson had accompanied him there too.That was the place where the both of them realized that they have feelings for each other and fell in love. Emma says that the most exciting part of dating a musician is that she gets to star in the video very easily.Now it appears that Watson has returned to the UK for the summer, where was spotted catching a performance of Craig, 19, is the frontman for indie rock band One Night Only.

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