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By odd luck attending a school that was 20% Asian, I never once dated an Asian girl.

This made me one of the 5 white guys over 6 feet tall who did not date an Asian woman. The joke was that on the first day at the engineering school, they measured white guys, and if over 6 feet tall, handed them a T-85 graphing calculator and a 5' 1", 90 lb Asian girlfriend. In simple, retarded blogger terms, I think it comes down to many different factors of modern American culture.

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Add to this being in a liberal college atmosphere, and it is a perfect storm. We help people to create the most exciting, passionate and fulfilling relationships that in the majority of cases lead to marriages. We Help Every Single Man Or Single Woman To Find Their One And Only. Indeed, there is no need denying the fact that every single person wants to create a strong, healthy and long-run relationship.Seriously, every guy who dated an Asian girl at Cornell was hoping he lucked into finding the brainy Kobe Tai or Asia Carrera.I wouldn't dismiss the stories of uncles and older cousins who take trips to Asian countries or serve in foreign wars in Asia and come back with wild stories.Asian brides are known all over the world due to their beauty, intelligence and amusing character.

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