Dating someone with down39s syndrome


Pub Med provides a basic explanation of Down Syndrome including explanations on the causes and effects of Down Syndrome, the Symptoms and treatment of Down Syndrome.

Web MD gives a comprehensive overview of Down Syndrome and provides parents with basic information about the support and resources you need once your baby is born.

Down syndrome is a condition in which a person is born with extra genetic material from chromosome 21, one of the 23 human chromosomes.

Most people with Down syndrome have a full extra copy of chromosome 21, so they have three copies instead of the usual two.

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Fifty percent or more of people with Down syndrome will develop Alzheimer’s as they age.

As with all adults, advancing age also increases the chances a person with Down syndrome will develop Alzheimer's disease.

Because people with Down syndrome live, on average, 55 to 60 years, they are more likely to develop younger-onset Alzheimer’s (Alzheimer’s occurring before age 65) than older-onset Alzheimer’s (Alzheimer’s occurring at age 65 or older).

Kids Health provides simple explanations about Down Syndrome that is easy for people of all ages to understand.

Pub Med Health provides information for consumers and clinicians on prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions.

Autopsy studies show that by age 40, the brains of almost all individuals with Down syndrome have significant levels of plaques and tangles, abnormal protein deposits considered Alzheimer's hallmarks.

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