Dating script for joomla


a free dating service, where you can make register and make your profile for free and Contact other members free of cost.If you are looking for a simple dating solution without any extra features like online chat, subscription management, membership levels etc.The extensions have fully customizable layouts and templates which you can configure as per the requirements.Dating extensions support advertising as well as paid memberships which grant access to users.

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To start with, there are quite a few script options that can be used - some good, some not as good; but in this article, I'm going to be covering the best approach that I know of - making it using my favourite CMS - Joomla!Here is a step by step breakdown on how you can do about doing this: 1) Install and Configure Joomla - This one is easy; if you are not familiar with the process, check this how to video out.[Visit Official Joomla Website] 2) Install and Configure Love Factory - Out of the many Joomla community extensions, I found Love Factory one the most apt since it's specifically meant for making this kind of a website.No matter what audience are you aiming at, gay, straight, bisexual, and everything in between - these Joomla Templates will easily facilitate all your requirements. When dating is your main niche, you have to make your website and services accessible at all times, on all platforms, both mobile and desktop. Content is neatly organized in comprehensive blocks of text and images.The layout itself is very intuitive and easy to navigate.[Visit Official Love Factory Page] Installing and Configuring this extension is as easy as setting up other Joomla extensions and doing in minute details of the process is not unproductive and also out of scope for this editorial, so what I'll do is just give you a brief overview of the features so you get the picture : - Member Pages with fully configurable fields!

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