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Please understand that these people were not preteens, teenagers, or even very young adults – we are talking about people age 30 and older.

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Success Story: When Sonata7 first wrote me on Mingle, she lived in California and I lived in Washington state.Not surprisingly following up Douthat doesn’t quote Ortega’s response, but instead prefers “Reason Magazine,” a Libertarian leaning publication that essentially agrees with him.Calling a column written by Peter Suderman a “very interesting response” Dauthat again ignores the facts and reiterates his opinion, as supposedly supported by a “religious historian” and venture capitalist.Al Qaeda, Brainwashing, Deepak Chopra, Elan Vital - Divine Light Mission, Falun Gong, Forum, Hare Krishnas, International Church of Christ, Moonies / Unification Church, Scientology, Terrorists, Waco Davidians piece titled “The Cult Deficit” columnist Ross Douthat stated, “the cult phenomenon feels increasingly antique, like lava lamps and bell bottoms.” He concluded, “Spiritual gurus still flourish in our era, of course, but they are generally comforting, vapid, safe — a Joel Osteen rather than a Jim Jones, a Deepak Chopra rather than a David Koresh.” Interestingly, Deepak Chopra was a disciple of Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was often called a “cult leader.” Maharishi was the founder of Transcendental Meditation (TM), a group frequently included on cult lists and still quite active amidst allegations of abuse.Douthat doesn’t seem to care much about destructive cults or the damage they do.Doubles choose to don’t even need tell you changes to our service and start a great relationship we build with people.

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