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In Brazil it’s customary to live with your parents until you marry, leaving some singles sharing their family home until their 30s. From Finland to Russia, dates consist of friends and strangers dancing and dining. You may go out with a person one night and not hear from them for weeks, even if they did like you.

While over in England it’s customary to just “end up” in a relationship after two dates with no further discussion expected.

I love learning about people’s ways of life, how they were brought up and what values their ethnicities hold dearly.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Dates & Mates explores the dating culture in other countries.

To combat this, DNA testing and several laws were put into place to afford women protection.

Also, families have now secured their homes with steel locks in order to prevent a hunter from entering.

Now, that’s not to say that European singles are generally shy about sex.

In fact, Melissa Braverman, a self-proclaimed “dating anthropologist” and the blogger behind Single Gal in the City, says that “sex is the European icebreaker. S.], you make small talk with someone.” And while many American couples have the “let’s be exclusive” conversation at some point, their European counterparts simply assume they’re exclusive once they start spending time with someone in particular.

I’ve always had a severe case of wanderlust, longing to backpack across Europe, walk the beaches of Santorini or wander down the paths of Venice.

“America’s so good at adopting products from around the world if they work, whether that’s movies, fashion or technology,” says Franz Wisner, author of the Group dating is popular amongst European and Australian singles, partly because it’s a safe and nonjudgmental way to spend time together. D., a registered counselor and author of , “friends are part of it from the beginning right up to marriage.

On a group date, you and 30 of your friends might go to a movie or dinner together and pick up more people along the way. You’re getting validation from friends you trust that you and the man (or woman) will get along well together.” Group dating also “lowers the expectations as to what should go on and how the date should end,” adds Sahukhan.

“In the Czech Republic, out in a very rural village, a lot of people told me they like online dating, because once you exhaust the candidates in that village, it’s tough,” says Wisner.

The biggest difference between how Western and Eastern cultures approach dating and love is probably the individual versus collective mentality, says Sahukhan.

hough the modern idea of dating is still taboo in some parts of the world, many countries have rituals or traditions surrounding how couples meet and marry.

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