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(In Him we express ourselves freely and openly) He is our platform to a universal audience.

Capacity: Commonly found in the last three to five digits of model number, sometimes in 100s of Btus sometimes in tons Example: 001 = 1.5 ton, 002 = 2 ton, 003 = 2.5 ton, 004 = 3 ton, 004-5 = 3.5 ton, 005 = 4 ton, 006 = 5 ton Or 18xx = 1.5 ton, 24xx = 2 ton, 30xx = 2.5 ton, 36xx = 3 ton, 42xx = 3.5 ton, 48xx = 4 ton, 60xx = 5 ton Or 14xx = 1 ton, 18xx = 1.5 ton, 024 = 2 ton, 030 = 2.5 ton, 036 = 3 ton, 042 = 3.5 ton, 048 = 4 ton, 060 = 5 ton Age: Through the 1960s Carrier used the first digit of the serial number to indicate the year of manufacture.

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We celebrate Him who super charges us powerfully from within.

Our biggest request or most amazing dream cannot match the extravagant proportion of His thoughts towards us. We echo and articulate the original conversation publicly.

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