Dating brazilian men

) Opting for sans hair down there has thoroughly split the sexes straight down the middle.(And the sexual innuendo of the article is at its peak, mind you.)While women find the hairless hack to be refreshing, freeing, and easier to maintain (yes, all things real women have said), how do dudes feel about the Brazilian Wax? Trust me on that." — Hank, 28What do you think about waxing all your hair down there?

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All new territory to GIPHY "I won't say no to a woman with a completely bare vagina, but I would never suggest it to a girl I was with. I like a woman who is well maintained and cares enough about her body to keep things looking cleanly, but I also love to see a little hair.

It's really hot, for me, knowing that tucked in her underwear is something so feminine and so sexy.

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