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The Looking Glass: Its uniform color and beveled edge, with no significant spotting or chips, increase the value.GETTING A HANDLE ON HAND MIRRORSSearch online auction sites: Start with the phrase "hand mirror" and narrow the field using "silver," "sterling," "repoussé," "Art Nouveau," or "Victorian." Or look for the best-known makers: Tiffany, Wallace, Gorham, and Unger.A reflective mirror will not only do that but also provide a balancing support to display all your pictures around!A small kitchen can be opened up using mirrored back-splashes, but note that antiquated mirrors are better in hiding water splashes than the clear vision ones!The Hallmark: This one includes the maker's name, R.Wallace & Sons, and its patent date of 1900, along with the sterling stamp.

From walls to furniture, most elements have rectangular edges!The Neck: This mirror has no solder marks or split seams to indicate a (value decreasing) repair.The Handle: Resin filling can break down, causing a rattle (bad); this mirror doesn't make a sound (good).The Age: Although the most valuable mirrors date to 1850 or earlier, this elaborate example from 1900 still beats out older, more generic designs.The Condition: With unblemished surfaces and no dents or scratches, this piece is considered pristine.For further Details on the or below is a selection of sold stock and if you are particularly looking for something similar to below please email or call us as we can add you onto our wanted list and try to find something similar.

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