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BENNINGTON — Kris Williams came to town Friday but she wasn't in search of ghosts.Instead, the former paranormal investigator from the Sy Fy television channel's "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International" series discussed ethics which fraudsters have ignored throughout history.

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The whole idea of opening a vein on a cable television paranormal show is not new, in fact it was done by a paranormal group that had a television show for about 5 minutes a couple of years ago.

I know the Ghost Hunters International crew have been saying all season that this was going to be an all new season that is nothing like what we’ve seen before I didn’t really think they would take it all this far.

This episode was titled “Sacrificed Mayan Spirits: Belize” and included investigating some Mayan temple ruins with a guy that thinks the spirits in residence are going to start following him home.

Charlie and Bella notice stange occurences in their house so they decide to call in TAPS.

And what happens when fine lines are crossed with the other investigators? Whose to say that more didn't go on behind the camera than what we realized. Story includes comedy, horror, suspense, and the family side of TAPS... Almost all of those times, though, had been happy memories.

Berry, has been with the show since 2010, when he made the leap to the main series from the spin-off . ET, TV psychic/medium Chip Coffey (from A&E's canceled ) tweeted "HUGE NEWS! Former co-lead investigator Grant Wilson, who was with the show from the beginning before leaving in 2012, tweeted the "BIG NEWS! that the duo would "bow out." That phrasing is notable because team leader Jason Hawes -- who also serves as producer on His statement that there is a "big differences between 'Bowing out' and 'Impossible demands' in this crazed world" seemed to be a reply to Wilson's tweet.

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