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Keep the following in mind next time you're tempted to pull your smartphone out of your pocket during a lunch meeting with a client. People who play games, movies, or music in public without using headphones.

Instead, they blast their activities through the phone's speaker at full volume so every one within a half mile can hear it.

Bohemian shabby chic We are in the end times and debt is everywhere.

Countries are in debt to each other while people are mostly struggling to put food on the table while keeping a roof over their heads.

We carry them with us all the time, use them all the time, and run into people using their cell phones all the time.

For decades, planetary scientists did not know why Enceladus was the brightest world in our entire Solar System, or how it was linked to its parent-planet's ELearn to better yourself everyday by learning and focusing on helping others.

When you ask for someone's number, you face the possibility of embarrassment from rejection, which can sting even if you barely know the person whose number you're after.

If you're finding it tricky to work up to courage to ask for numbers, don't despair.

Read More ยป Hello Friends, my name is Kanira Chandran, I am from India, city Kolkata.

Creating a shabby chic bohemian home is styling interiors with eclectic and vintage designs, using rustic wood furniture, architectural elements from Indian Havelis and antique doors with distressed colorful patinas.

The cell phone maker conducted a poll several weeks ago to discover what behaviors we abhor the most.

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