Brazilian portuguese dating phrases

You can also check out their interests and profiles before establishing a connection.As I mentioned over on my Brazil Travel Guide, Brazil has really beautiful people.Here are some other romantic expressions you might try.

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“I love you” in Japanese, 愛してる Aishiteru, sounds very serious, and the expression is reserved for couples only. cariño – honey mi amor – my love corazón – sweetheart (literally, heart) guapo/guapa: handsome/beautiful, e.g.

Terms of endearment for women: Ma poupée – my doll Ma chérie – my dear Ma belle – my beauty Terms of endearment for men: Mon loup – my wolf Mon lapin – my rabbit Mon chéri – my dear Here are some German phrases that, as students of German might already predict, are quite quirky and cute.

Many people think that Brazil language is Spanish, however Brazil is the only Portuguese speaking country in South America. Our group used to attend classes together and to this day I can still remember one of the phrases I found most hilarious: LOL, so you can see why I've always remembered my first Brazil language instructor!!

I did learn a little Spanish in high school, but promptly forgot much of it when I began speaking Portuguese.

A collection of useful phrases in Brazilian Portuguese, the type of Portuguese spoken in Brazil.

I found my wife on one of the sites I mention below, so I can tell you from experience that dating online will yield results.

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