Are chace crawford and ed westwick dating


The lovebirds are said to be more interested in feeling each other out at the moment.“He and Rebecca have been hanging out, [it’s] nothing serious,” another source noted.

“They had great chemistry on set and he really enjoys hanging out with her.

Chace Crawford is reportedly dating his Blood and Oil co-star Rebecca Rittenhouse.

The former Gossip Girl actor turned 30 years old on July 18 and he celebrated the milestone birthday a week later with a bash held at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, California on July 25.

Ed‘s wardrobe is way more casual and dressed down today compared to his other crazy outfits like the argyle look and the short shorts!

Other cast members seen on set: Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick and Blake Lively.

Indeed, the show’s cast has been baring soul and skin for two seasons now, and star Tommy Dewey teases there’s plenty more where that came from, including a cheeky performance by a former Gossip Girl heartthrob.“Anyone who comes on the show, you’re going to show your ass,” Dewey teases upcoming guest star Chace Crawford.

Not to mention, Ryan Gosling has lived with both Justin Timberlake AND Michelle Williams at points in his life!His family lives in Dallas and he visits here often.There has be no talk of him hooking up with guys here. There was LOTS of talk about Troy Aikman in the gay community before he got married, so people in Dallas talk if something is going on. I don't think he is gay, he is just looking for buzz and to be hyped up as some Hollywood heartthrob who has all the ladies chasing him, but it seems to have failed and it has ended up with him looking like an vain wannabe douche. And I want one of the bitches on that stupid show - gossip shit something - to come out as a lesbian, as well.Creator Says Hollywood Sexism Got Her Fired When asked about the possibility of rebooting the popular six-season series that followed the lives of Manhattan's elite, the 29-year-old said she'd be open to bringing back Serena van der Woodsen "if it was good" and "if it made sense." Spotted: us losing our shit!The actress explained: Filed under: Avril Lavigne • Lindsay Lohan • Justin Timberlake • Paula Abdul • Adam Sandler • Milo Ventimiglia • Ryan Cabrera • Justin Long • Jude Law • Ryan Gosling • Chace Crawford • Raven Symone • Michelle Williams • Ewan Mc Gregor • Penn Badgley • Ed Westwick • Jonah Hill • Dominic Cooper • Photos!And let me just say, with all certainty, that boy is GAY!! For wiw I do think he's gay, mainly because of the desperation of his people to seem to link him with any woman that moves.

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