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Increasingly, though, those assumptions are being challenged.Research is revealing that male and female brains are built from markedly different genetic blueprints, which create numerous anatomical differences.It’s common knowledge that the sexes often think very differently, but until recently these differences were explained by the action of adult sex hormones or by social pressures which encouraged males and females to behave in a certain way.For the most part, the basic architecture of the brain, and its fundamental workings, were thought to be the same for both sexes.By Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop 2 September 2010 This article was published in abridged form (1,800 words) on 2 September 2010: She-wolves in sheeps’ clothing On Line Opinion, Australia’s e-journal of social and political debate.Female child abusers are the 21st century equivalent of lesbians in the Victorian age: not legislated against because they do not exist.For women: The study specifically sought to establish nationally representative rates of vibrator use among men and women in the United States.Vibrators are electrical devices that produce pulses of variable amplitude and frequency to enhance sexual arousal in men and women by stimulating the genitals.

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Meanwhile the female perpetrator is unacknowledged by society, giving her and her child victims no way out.

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"Also, both studies help us to further understand the way in which American consumers are turning to the marketplace for products that promote their sexual health, and that has important economic implications." The studies are the first to document insights into how and why people use vibrators, examine side effects and to explore associations with sexual health behaviors, sexual enjoyment and quality of life measures. Inc., maker of Trojan brand sexual health products.

Here are some of the findings from the studies, which involve survey responses from 2,056 women and 1,047 men ages 18-60.

-- Two Indiana University studies conducted among nationally representative samples of adult American men and women show that vibrator use during sexual interactions is common, with use being reported by approximately 53 percent of women and 45 percent of men ages 18 to 60. Both were published this week by the , a leading peer-reviewed journal in the area of urology and sexual health.

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