Accomodating student

Discussion and Lecture: When speaking, look directly at a student who relies on lip-reading.

Try not to pace or turn your back to the student while speaking (such as to write on the board).

Also some of the students we assess find concentration in the classroom difficult when they are working independently on their school work.

They either find noise from their fellow classmates or a very quiet room is very distracting.

Concerns about passing the school year, graduating high school, or graduating from college with a degree are often expressed. Accommodations are special services or arrangements designed to help survivors overcome and offset injury related limitations.

Frequent complaints from students with brain injury include: Most of the time, school systems are very willing to provide accommodations to students with brain injury. Students and parents often don’t know that many kinds of accommodations are available to help students succeed.

Some require home schooling until they recover enough to travel and attend classes with other students.

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* Always design your questions and assignments around a given conclusion or fact.

Also the word chalkboard is used often and most schools do not utilize chalkboards anymore. Also typing devices like an alpha smart or i Pad will help with writing assignments.

Disability Support Service coordinates services that ensure equal access to University of Maryland College Park programs for individuals with disabilities.

If you need to communicate with the student by telephone, use the General U. TDD/TTY Relay (982-HEAR) or the Virginia Relay Center (1-800-828-1140/1120).

Set up a system to notify the student ahead of time if class is canceled so that she/he can inform the interpreter.

We suggest an IPod or MP3 player with appropriate music will make it easier to focus and complete their assignments.

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