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This list is of 10 of the best rules of etiquette that have now vanished. I have made this item 10 because it is more a case of correct dress rather than manners.First off, if your wedding is before 6 in the evening, you should not wear a tuxedo (black tie) or tails (white tie).

It's time that social media starts following the real life rules of common courtesy.You want the party to look similar – but not like members of a choir.Is it acceptable to eat during a meeting, or check your phone?Learn from their mistakes before your own missteps damage your professional reputation, or worse, cost you your job. Sure, your close friends "get" your dry sense of humor and blasé attitude, but you should keep personality quirks in check when dealing with coworkers. ' She didn't come out and say, 'Your hair usually looks totally boring,' but it's what we all heard." Rule #2: Be a team player.Tina, an office worker from Pennsylvania, tells the story of a boss who could never quite phrase a compliment nicely. Lots of companies are short-staffed, which means many employees are shouldering a bigger workload.You should either wear a formal suit or – if you want to be very proper – a morning suit.

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